Cosmetic services

All cosmetic services are provided by a specialist general practitioner who has a special interest in aesthetic medicine, she enjoys helping all people improve themselves and look their best. She has trained and specialised in wrinkle treatment and filler techniques for aesthetic and some medical indications such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating underarms) and teeth grinding which are treated with Botulinum toxins.

Medically trained

Only medically trained personal with excellent knowledge of anatomy and pharmacology can practice in the sphere of cosmetic medicine. Doctor who provides this service at CCFP will invite you to a mandatory medical consultation before undertaking any cosmetic injectables to assess your mental and physical health.

Improved results

The doctor providing this service at CCFP aims to assist you with a more natural and improved results with her aesthetic practice, she will guide you through as to what is achievable and realistic with botulinum toxins and filler.

Allocated consulting times

CCFP has allocated consulting times and days for aesthetic medicine and the bookings can be made under ``cosmetic appointments `` in Hotdoc or by calling the practice on 02 4655 9950
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