Operating a private billing practice

The Independent Doctors working at Camden Central Family Practice set their own fees and these are generally the same for standard consultations.

We operate a private billing practice and require payment at the time of your consultation. Medicare rebates can be claimed on the spot with Easyclaim facilities.

Reduced rates may apply at the discretion of your doctor.

Late cancellation fees

Please cancel 24 hrs ahead, this will allow another patient access to care and is respectful of everyone’s time. A cancellation fee will be charged if this policy is not followed. The fees are $85 for a standard appointment late cancellation and $145 for a long appointment late cancellation.
Current List of Fees and Rebates 
Item Fee Rebate
Standard Consult 1 Health Concern – (Non-Mental Health) $85 $41.40
Long Consult 2 Health Concerns – (Non-Mental Health) $165 $80.10
Long Consult 3 Health Concerns – (Non-Mental Health) $195 $118
Extended Consult – 1 hour $250 $191.20
Mental Health Consult Child $145 $100.20
Mental Health Consult Child – (Includes Mental Health Care Plan) $145 $147.65
Mental Health Consult Adult $165 $100.20
Mental Health Consult Adult – (Includes Mental Health Care Plan) $165 $147.65
Full Body Skin Check (Only) $165 $80.10
Full Body Skin Check + Consult (scripts/health concerns) $195 $118
Telehealth Consult (Standard) $85 $41.40
Video Consult (Standard) $85 $41.40
Menopause Consult $195 $118
Iron Infusion (Day of Iron Infusion) $220 $41.40
IV Saline for hyperemesis and rehydration $185 $41.40
Venesections $100 $68.30
Wound dressings (variable private fees apply) $85- $145 $41.40 – $80.10
Private Form Filling(Private FeeNo Medicare Rebate)

Includes Income protection forms, commercial fitness to drive forms, medication charts, pre employment work checks, Truck licence.

$100- 165

Procedures (Biopsy’s skin lesion excisions etc) – Speak with your doctor as fees (and rebates) vary.

Travel vaccinations available at the Practice for purchase and administering after consultation with your treating doctor.

Bulk Billing – Care Plans, Over 75 Health Assessments, Childhood Immunisation, COVID vaccines, certain adult vaccinations according to eligibility

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